Welcome to the pilot section of the Special Operations Department.

As part of the fundamental realignment / restructuring in the area of Special Operations on HQ-level, there will be also various changes which concerns the German Special Operations Department. In the foreseeable future, trainings and exams in the area of SO will be conducted by the HQ IVAO Special Operations Department only.

There will be trainings for all the different focuses of military aviation. The trainings will cover "almost" everything. Only "almost", because as in reality, there are some deviations from the standardization agreements on national level (division level). Deviations like for example transponder codes, low flying regulations, speed limits, airspace structure, LOAs etc. And here the Special Operations Department comes into play. On the following pages you'll find all relevent infos about the procedures which differ from the STANAGs (standardization agreements) and of course also about the ones, which are not even part of the later official military trainings on HQ-level. This includes inter alia also the police and air rescue.

In addition to teaching local procedures, the Special Operations Department remains unchanged responsible for national SO-events and SO-tours. These areas are not affected.

The primary objective of this "quality offensive" (military trainings and exams on HQ level) and the accompanying standardization agreements is, that in the area of military aviation ivao-wide (across divisions) everyone is supposed to speak the same language. Uniform IVAO-wide military procedures. The Special Operations Departments are then responsible for the "fine-tuning" on division level. In "division-specific trainings" pilots and controllers learn the deviating local procedures.


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